Classic Solitaire Game Bring Back Those Memories of The Days
Solitaire made by Grandleaf is paying tribute to the classic Klondike Solitaire Card Game.
We designed a fresh appearance for the old school card game on Android with some new features.
♠ Wonderful Cards Design
♥ Klondike Game Rules
♦ Infinite Free Undo
♣ Infinite Free Hints
♠ Competition on Leaderboard
♥ Video guide to win
♦ Left hand mode
♣ Offline Random Deal
♠ Everyday Winning Deal
♥ Unique Vegas Deal
♦ Draw 1or 3 cards
♣ Overall Statistics
A simple and addicting game that solitaire is sure to bring back those memories of the days. We’ve taken the classic solitaire mode and improve it with the new features.
Solitaire focus on the core solitaire experience, the Solitaire game perfect balance both solitaire classic rules and practical modern design. Solitaire can give you the right options for all your solitaire needs!
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